The First Technical AMA of MASS: Smart Contracts, Two-Tier Plug-ins and Cross-Chain Can Be Realized

Q1: Why are you optimistic about PoC? What’s the greatest technological innovation and the current technological difficulties of MASS?

Max: There are mainly four reasons I’m optimistic about PoC.

Q2: Is it difficult for MASS to implement smart contracts? Does it need a hard fork?

Max: The transaction structure of MASS contains a special field: Payload. I suppose the introduction of this field is to facilitate the implementation of various applications including smart contracts.

Q3: Parachains can be sent on the MASS engine, then what is the difference with Polkadot and Cosmos? What kind of ecology do you think MASS is going to create?

Max: The information on the official website shows that MASS was designed to support the parallel operation of multiple blockchains and the cross-chain interaction.

Q4: What are the advantages of using Golang for MASS source code?

Max: Golang is in a relatively balanced position in the trade-off between development efficiency and running speed, which can save a lot of development time while ensuring the performance.

Q5: If there is a hard fork of MASS in the future, what will it be like?

Max: If MASS undergoes a hard fork, it will be technically similar to Ethereum in implementation.

Q6: How many times has MASS been halved?

Max: MASS has completed the fifth halving so far. Its halving cycle mechanism is that each halving interval is twice as the previous one.

Q7: The vision of MASS is to provide an underlying consensus mechanism that can aggregate other PoC chains. Is this vision reflected in the code?

Max: Currently the core code of MASS PoC is located in the ‘poc’ directory under the MassNet-miner project.

Q8: Is it easy for the MASS mining pool to support multi-mining?

Max: Conclusion goes first: It’s rather easy.



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