MASS Appeared at the Global Blockchain Computing Conference

Comprehensive Analysis of the Technical Highlight and Development Prospects

MASS Net has completed the cold start

The PoC consensus algorithm of MASS is the best implementation of Spacemint’s paper, and is a new generation of safe and efficient PoC consensus algorithm. MASSNet is the first chain built on the algorithm, positioning as the value anchor in the MASS ecosystem. The mainnet was launched in September 2019 and the current total capacity is 220 P, with 361 full-node miners distributed in the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, etc in China. The transaction volume on the chain is about 1.61 million, and the throughput in the real environment has reached 200 TPS. A secure, decentralized and highly practical PoC public chain has initially constructed.

MASS aims to build a PoC application ecosystem

Technical theory and engineering realization

The rapid development and the large ecological pattern of MASS come from the support of profound theoretical knowledge.

Prospects and industrial environment

The positioning of the MASS consensus engine is innovative and the development of multi-chain ecology is expected. The technical construction of MASS has fully considered the demand of ecological development, and the two-tier expansion, cross-chain and smart contracts will be realized gradually in the future.



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